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Isabell and Lisa have been working together on projects in the Viennese off-theater scene since 2013 and founded the art & culture collective Wiener Spielwut in 2015. In the constellation of production management and artistic direction and in collaboration with other artists, they have been able to realize various projects, always with the goal of stimulating or continuing socio-politically relevant discourses. In doing so, they both attach importance to finding the right framework for their projects and to addressing a diverse audience.
Nele Fierdag
Lisa Carina Maier 

Lisa Carina Maier holds a Bachelor in English and American Studies and a Master in Cultural Management from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. In September 2022 she will finish her training as a theater director in London at University of Essex / East 15 Acting School. 2021-2022 she is also a scholarship holder of the artistic further education program of the German Academic Exchange Service. Lisa is a founding member of Wiener Spielwut and takes on the artistic direction of projects. In her work, it is important to her to question social structures, break through hierarchies, and create a space that enables political discourse across generations and social classes.

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Isabel Broeker

Isabell was born in Berlin and moved to Vienna in 2013. In addition to her studies in psychology, she worked as a production manager for various projects and was responsible for financing, budgeting, sponsoring, organization and marketing, among other things. Through years of close collaboration with the artistic direction of Wiener Spielwut, as well as her work as a board member, Isabell was able to gain a deep insight into the performing arts, which sharpened her eye not only for technical aspects of a production, but also for aesthetic aspects. Since 2021 Isabell lives again in Berlin and commutes between both cities for her work at Wiener Spielwut.

Isabell places great emphasis on intersectional feminism in her work and wants to illuminate social structures from different perspectives. In addition, it is very important to her that each project sparks a discourse to which everyone has access.



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