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Die Beton Sonne

Theatre Play // 2018

Director: Lisa Carina Maier

Text: Fabio Zoccola

Production: Isabell Broeker  


The play BETON SONNE is an ecstatic whirlpool of dazzling costumes, shrill figures, garish lights and electronic music. At a vernissage, where a famous painter presents his works, important representatives of society gather; a politician running for office, an art critic, a writer, an influencer and many more. However, those present are not interested in the art, but only in seeing and being seen. The desire for self-expression and recognition of others blinds the protagonists in their view of what is happening. Although all the people are in the same place, part of the same ongoing event and surrounded by the same works, there is no meaningful communication between them. The staging of the text reflects the increasing individualization and the inability of the capitalist society of the 21st century to conduct an equal discourse.




© Jonathan Weidenbruch

Poster & program booklet


© Lukas Thüringer

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