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Theatre Play

Director: Lisa Carina Maier

Text: Sarah Ruhl

Production: Isabell Broeker  


The ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is about two lovers who are separated by the death of Eurydice. The action takes place mainly from the point of view of the protagonist Orpheus, a Thracian singer, who follows his dead wife Eurydice into the underworld in order to bring her back to himself. In Sarah Ruhl's play EURYDIKE, this myth is transmitted into the modern age and told from her perspective. Trapped in the underworld, Eurydice encounters her deceased father and explores the complex relationship between them, while Orpheus' search for her happens only in passing. Eurydice's self-determination over her fate becomes the central plot line, revealing how rarely in various classical stories and myths the story is told from the women's point of view.



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© Jonathan Weidenbruch

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