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Medea Mensch

Short film // 2021

Concept:  Lisa Carina Maier & Elina Sjöwall 
Direction and Scenography: Elina Sjöwall 
Production: Isabell Bröker & Luca Frantzmann 
DoP & Edit: Jonas Löffler 
Sound Design / Original Score: Pothatos
Light Design: Daniel Saravia 
Cast: Lisa Carina Maier, Johannes Ayrle, Vanessa Milchrahm & Jonas Löffler 

Official selection of


Medea Screenshot 2_edited.jpg

MEDEA MENSCH is a multidimensional and interdisciplinary short film, which combines and contrasts elements from theater and film. In terms of content, the film deals with the narrative of the Greek antagonist Medea from the play by Euripides as a hysterical, vengeful woman and aims to restore her humanity and self-determination.

The film addresses current gender politics, as well as the often one-sided portrayal of mothers in classical works, in the media, and in our society.


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Medea Screenshot 1.png
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