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Regained Paradise Lost

Theatre Play // 2017

Director: Lisa Carina Maier

Text: Fabio Zoccola

Production: Isabell Broeker  


REGAINED PARADISE LOST is a play in five images; a timeline that reports on the destructive power of fascism from the post-war period to the present day. In the process, the performers - some of them visible on thin threads - act like puppets and fall for the nationalist ideologies of the political movement that is gaining influence. In the staging, the indicated historical periods do not differ from each other - rather, the permanence of the fascist structures becomes visible and the end leads into the beginning. It shows that a reappraisal of the events of World War II only happened on the surface and still has its subliminal influence today. REGAINED PARADISE LOST is an angry, demanding piece of theatre that hopes to take its reverberations through poetry's empty echo chambers.



© Max Mustermann

Poster & program booklet


© Lukas Thüringer

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